Scholarship and Funds

The Helping Hands Fund:  a fund available through gifts to the school by donors or gifts in memory of loved ones.  This fund is used by the school board on a limited basis to help families with extenuating circumstances, such as the loss of a job or a death in the family.  This fund is usually used in a one time situation.

EITC Scholarships:  Earned Income Tax Credit scholarships are offered through foundations on a limited basis to the Academy family.  These foundations receive monies from businesses, such as banks and insurance companies that donate money to defer taxes from their business.  Pennsylvania businesses can contribute money to these foundations and receive up to a 90% tax forgiveness.  The foundations must distribute the money on a yearly basis to families of children to promote school choice.  The benefit must be to the children, not to the institution.  Several foundations have given the Academy the opportunity to distribute these scholarship monies to families enrolled in the school.  They are:  KCEA Scholarship Foundation, The Bridge Foundation, and The Bravo Foundation.  As we receive notification of the desire of these foundations to help families in our area, we pass the information on to the families in the school, and they can apply for the scholarships.

Several stipulations are placed on the EITC scholarships.  Families must make under $50,000 a year.  An additional $10,000 dollars may be added for each child in the household.  Some foundations require families to perform 10 to 20 hours of volunteer work in the community or churches throughout the year they receive the funds.