We do not believe that we should just adopt the world’s philosophy of athletics. Our young people can view professional, college, and high school sports events, but there should be a noticeable difference in a Christian athletic program. We will prepare our young people physically and mentally to know the sport, but we will not sacrifice the principles taught in the Bible. The “Winner’s Creed” sums up our philosophy of athletics and has been adopted by the Athletic Department.

“I believe that a true winner always gives his best, never to the glory of self, but always to the glory of God. With the Lord’s help, I will strive to be a true winner today.”

Patriot Basketball Schedule
DateOpponentGirls (0-0)Results:Boys (0-0)
JV (0-0)
Dec. 8Christian Life5:006:30
Dec. 11@ Blair Co.5:307:00
Dec. 15Great Commission5:307:00
Dec. 19@ Dubois5:304:30 (JV)
Dec. 21Clearfield5:304:30 (JV)
Jan. 5CBA TourneyTBDTBD
Jan. 6CBA TourneyTBDTBD
Jan. 12Blair Co.5:307:00
Jan. 16@ Mt. Carmel5:004:00 (JV)
Jan. 18@ Great Commission5:006:30
Jan. 23@ Seeds of Faith5:00 (Elementary)
Jan. 30Dubois5:304:30 (JV)
Feb. 6@ Christian Life4:306:00
Feb. 9Mt. Carmel5:304:30 (JV)
Feb. 12@ Clearfield5:304:30 (JV)
Feb. 16Seeds of Faith5:00 (Elementary)
Mar. 7NPCA Tourney (Lake Ariel, Pa) Girls & BoysTBDTBD
Mar. 8NPCA Tourney (Lake Ariel, Pa) Girls & BoysTBDTBD
Mar. 9NPCA Tourney (Lake Ariel, Pa) Girls & BoysTBDTBD